iPad Pro podcast doodles


Today was interesting.  I’ve been listening to more podcasts lately and found a pretty good one with Tulsi Gabbard and Joe Rogan.  It really got me thinking more about the situation in Libya and how none of the media is talking about it anymore.  

It’s like everyone has amnesia now and just forgot about how big of a deal the humanitarian crises was under Gaddafi.  But now that we’ve helped the terrorist overthrow the dictator we just think it’s fine to ignore the fact that Libya is now hell on earth.  The terrorists have reinstated slavery now.  Yet these blatant violations of human rights seem less important now that we’ve succeeded in overthrowing a leader who didn’t want to play by the rules of the globalized financial markets.  Yes, I know he was a dictator.  Fine.  But he was a dictator when Tony Blair and Sarkozy were financing his rule, the same way they finance Saudi Arabia today.  

Anyway…I generally try to avoid politics, I did enough of it for a lifetime, but sometimes things just make me wanna go on a long self righteous rant on Facebook. (It feels so good)  the truth is, I don’t like the fact that so many people are so easily triggered by talking points like abortion, racism, and immigration when in reality our biggest issues get swept under the rug.  I mean, I was busy being upset about Kevin Hart and the Oscars (thanks YouTube algorithm) and kinda forgot about Libya myself – so I’m guilty too.

I remember now why I stopped using Facebook.  Ok, I’ll keep it art related from now on (mostly). This little sketch is a fun example of sketching on the #ipadpro using #procreate I love this app!

Also listening to Joe Rogan go on these long rants about the benefits of DMT and hallucinogenic drugs in pretty much EVERY podcast is starting to feel like an ad campaign.  I mean he may have a point, but he’s starting to force in to discussions at the most inappropriate times.  I mean, dude…chill.  But otherwise he tends to have some really good discussions from time to time. 

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