Valentine’s Day Caricature

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This was a fun little project for a really cool client of mine. He asked for a caricature of him and his girlfriend with the theme of the famous Martin Lawrence TV show.

Martin Lawrence TV show

Anyone who grew up in America in the 90’s knows about this show. This and the Simpson’s were probably the most defining of 90’s TV at my home growing up.

In my mind I visualized this one as a full blown illustrated caricature, like the 2 children I drew or the couple of the opera singer and photographer, but when I found out that he wanted a standard caricature I was a little disappointed.1F782F10-6D01-4D3B-A6A9-22413A6920F0

The early part of this drawing I was a bit distracted and didn’t put too much effort into the thumbnail. As you can see here I simply drew the bodies without much distinction, at this stage it’s not important to have all the anatomy worked out or all the details and I’ve learned how to intervene on myself when I focus on that stuff too much early on.


The good thing about this project is my client wanted a lot of progress shots as I worked, so I kept sending him snapshots of my messy work, it helped me keep things loose :).


In the end I was happy with the end product even though I felt that it could have been better. I’m happy with it.


Here are a few pictures of my client and his girlfriend.


Here’s my client with his big happy smile


Here is my client’s pretty girlfriend