The Bakers

2 people, black and white, Caricature, digital, illustrated caricature

This was a birthday gift for a friend of mine.  This was a fun little process, I paced myself well but at the last minute I decided not to do color because it would take to long.  Buuut, I like the black and white version, and I was lacking black and white 2 person caricatures on the site so that’s another good excuse lol.


A Caricature of 2 children

2 people colored caricature, Caricature, colored, digital

This turned out to be quite a learning experience. Partly because it involved a baby which I’ve always had difficulty with but also because I’m so SLOW.

The initial black and white drawing I did rather fast. I decided to draw 4 different layouts of the concept, I had watched an art video where an artist talked about the importance of thumbnails. This phase of the drawing was fun although I was already feeling a little stress because I hadn’t done anything on the commission in the almost 2 weeks I got it. I was busy updating the Schiller-Institute webcast after our conference, but I was also waisting time because a part of me wasn’t excited to draw kids.


I don’t remember at what point I decided to do coloring but I remember just forcing myself to fill in areas in really broad and fast strokes. It was exciting and exhausting, I kept wanting to check my phone or do something else but I wanted to move on to the next phase, to see progress.


The next passes of the creating were just work. It literally felt like clocking in and clocking out of a nine to five. I didn’t feel any real excitement but I noticed whenever I made big changes I would often stop to look at what I did, and those stops were way too long and full of doubt – what if I messed it up. My saving grace was my wife, she literally saved me from my own doubt by giving concrete criticism and suggestions. I would always be a little defensive at first but once I thought about it it always made the piece better once I did it, it got to the point where I would look for her advice. But then she started to tell me to hurry up, I could tell her advice was becoming less because she knows I’m a perfectionist.


I would say my biggest lessons for this piece were

1.) Don’t waste time

2.) Listen to your wife

3.) Clock in and clock out (make a schedule, pace yourself & set goals)

4.) Don’t over think it

In the end the piece was great and I feel much more comfortable painting with colors instead of using the layered approach, I can’t wait to do some new studies now.

Barney Frank Caricature

Caricature, Cartoons, colored, digital, Illustration, Political cartoons

This was during the initial phase of the 2008 financial crisis when Barney Frank became the spokesperson for the anti Glass-Steagall mobilization. Not to long after the US Congress adopted the gigantic failure that would later come to be known as the Dodd-Frank regulations, which did little more than create 1000s of new vague regulations and with that 1000s of new fresh loopholes in an already messy situation.